Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Birth Photography is photographically documenting the journey of labour, delivery and first moments of childbirth.

PBPE is committed to responsible and ethical standards, as well as to connecting parents around Europe with birth photographers in their area. The PBPE Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility is intended to protect the integrity of the birth photography community, and to protect the parents that hire a birth photographer.



  • Maintain professionalism and integrity
  • Respect the rights, dignity and needs of my client and their birth team.
  • Maintain primary obligation to my client.
  • Provide services in a non-discriminatory manner and without judgement.
  • Respect the birth space and birth process.
  • Respect the birthing environment and the needs of the birthing mother throughout the duration of labour and delivery, to the best of my ability.     i.e. not modifying lighting situations if possible, keeping the lights low if the mother requests, etc.
  • Utilize a birth contract which clearly outlines the rights and obligations of both the photographer and the client. I will ensure my client has a clear understanding of the contract and what is included in the services provided.
  • Protect the confidentiality of the client in accordance to the contract (however, disclosure is permitted as otherwise required by law).
  • Obtain permission before using, sharing and/or publishing images of the client as outlined in a privacy statement included in my contract.
  • Charge clients accurately and fairly in accordance to industry standards.
  • Put forth my best effort in order to provide my client with quality images.


  • Work to promote high standards for the birth photography industry. 
  • Commit to maintaining, improving, and furthering my education in both photography and birth (through workshops, courses, reading and research).
  • Abide by Copyright laws for both images and written words.
  • Encourage and support growth of birth photography in my community and across Europe.
  • Strengthen and promote community, respect, collaboration and support to other birth photographers and their work.
  • Respect and maintain the confidentiality and privacy of other photographers and group discussions.
  • I will price my services ensuring that they are fair, reasonable, and commensurate with the services performed.  I will not engage in anti-competitive pricing behaviors or provide birth photography services at a loss beyond a portfolio building period.  I may, however, provide services on a sliding scale where finances are a barrier to access and may provide birth photography at low or no cost to friends and family.  
  • Carry the appropriate insurance and/or other certificates/licenses for my business in accordance with my local/state/country laws.
  • Comply with all PBPE policies that pertain to my listing/community access status.


  • Exhibit professionalism, courtesy and respect to others in the birth field (doctors, midwives, nurses, other medical personnel, etc.) as well as any other time I am representing myself as a birth photographer.
  • Provide accurate information regarding my education and experience as a birth photographer.
  • Market and advertise only accurate, honest, non-misleading information about birth photography.
  • Seek to develop collaborative relationships in order to achieve the highest quality of care and service for the client. 
  • Be considerate of all reasonable requests for privacy and the instructions of medical professionals.
  • Respect all hospital, birth center or other birthing environment rules.